What is this?
  • It's a tool that will make your excel to a interactive web page.
Have you heard of Google Sheets?
  • This will not make you an online spreadsheet, but professional web page based on excel.
Why excel?
  • You don't have to be an IT expert to draw in excel.
  • Excel allows you to create level of complexity, that costs a lot to develop in web page.
Why would I want to use it?
  • To set up your web site fast, in familiar environment.
  • To host you data in partly or fully read-only.
  • To host files with private or public access.
  • To make online calculator.
  • If translating your excel formulas to web page costs too much.
  • When sending files is a bad solution.
Any real life examples?
  • Any list of data, that may require frequent updates. Like radio station song list, or company to do list.
  • Advanced price calculators for products and services.
  • Personal blog.
Can I integrate it in my web site?
  • Yes, by using iFrames.
How complex web site can I make?
  • Complex as excel allows it, plus more custom features like customers and roles.
Is it complex to set up?
  • What you see in excel, is what you get in web site. Most of the times.
How much does it cost?
  • Currently we are in open alpha, so it is free.