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This page will answer common questions asked by ExcelGen users.






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Why web page shows less rows/columns then I have?






First limiting factor is [END] tag, that must be located in A column of row or 1st row of column.




Anything after this will be ignerd by generation logic.







Check your configuration limits.









Each profile is attached to configuration that limits amount of rows/columns that cen be rendered.




Free acounts has tighter limits to preserve server performance.







You can view your current configuration in Dashboard, by pressing Config button in Files block.




See "Upgrade" page for more information.








Why do I see two or three pages rendered at once?






This is a header / footer feature, that you can configure in your file settings, in Dashboard.




If sheet is used as header or footer, it will not be visible in navigation or accessed dirrectly.




If your file has sheets that are named "Header" or "Footer", they will be applied automatically.




How can I not upload specific sheet?








Any sheet can be hidden using role system.








Just remove sheet from default role, or any role you do not want this sheet to be visible in.




You can also name the sheet with "!" at the start. For example "!Sheet2". Then this sheet will be ignored by generation logic.


How can I update file without deleting file settings?






Uploading file with the same name will execure replace function.







In this case your file settings will be preserved.








Replace will not trigger configuration file limits.








If you need another name to your file, you can change it, by editing Title field in your file settings, in Dashboard.



How can I put ExcelGen inside my page?








Technical solution is iFrame - HTML tag.









This depends on what is your web page build upon.








In wordperss, for example, you can download any iFrame plugin.







If you do not have access to your page sorce or nay way to edit it, contact your web page developer.




Why link to my sheet is not working to anyone but me?






ExcelGen beside your prifile has a custumer system.








When you log in with your profile, you are automaticly logged in as admin customer.





You can see the value after last "/" in your url.








Admin customer are accesable after login only and cannot be accessed by someone without your password.



Change the customer to default, and check default role/customer settings in Dashboard.





Also you can logout custumner after logging in as profile, to get a correct url.