Create a web page from Excel file





















Create a web page form Excel file.








Your web page can be advanced as you can meke excel to be, and more!


































Web design




































































































What can I use it for?






















Online Calculator











Online calculators are expensive, usualy developed from scrach and may take a long time based on difficulty.




Also you need to provide probobly sesitive buisness insides to third party.






They are static, and usualy requeres a progarmmer to make even minor changes. 





ExcelGen allows you to create any online calculator without all complications above.





A lot of buisnesses already use Excel for calculations, then you have already done everything needed.




You can nest it in your current page, or place it as entirely new.











































Data lists











Theese may range from price lists to employee work scheduales.







This usualy involves file sharing or online spreadsheets.







It may get hard to ensure everyone has the latest version, everyone sees or can edit what they need to.




If you need professional look, with additional features like reporting or roles, ExcelGen is the right tool.




Mountain scene



































Personal pages / blogs










If you do not code, your best shot is wordpress or similar online tools, if you do not want to hire a progarmmer.



It's not a bad solution, but there's a lot to learn and can take some time.






Just paste some images in Excel, color some cells and you are ready to go.










































Shopping cart
Buisness page












Every buisness needs at least a landing page to expand, and often even that is not enough.





ExcelGen is a great tool to create good looking pages with almost no skill.






This page you are viewing, is created with ExcelGen.








Feel free to download source Excel file of this page and use it as example!

































































Need more examples?










We have created multiple examples that will help you get started.







Check out our clients page, for real time example in production enviremet.














































































More then just Excel.






















ExcelGen provides a lot of features that will help you create and manage your web page:





Upload multiple files / sheets and create hyperlinks to them, or other web pages.





Customer and role system - Manage what some special cutumers see or dont, to the level of indivusual cells.



Calculation save and submition system - allows direct comunication with your clients.





Google analitics support and a lot of tools for SEO.








Custom CSS styling for all your files or indivisual sheets.







And a lot more…



























































How does it work?



































Web design
































After uploading, ExcelGen reads it and creates a meta map of your file - renders html, calculates formulas and settings, ect.


When your clients opens page, it is loaded from this map, and actual instance of your excel file is opend on the server.


Any actions or inputs that are related to actual data are communicated to excel instance and reported back.



This allows ExcelGen to work as communication bridge between user and excel, while adding layers of logic on top.


Also this means, that all Excel formuals are supported, and your web page will behave exactly like your file.




















































Start now!























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